Wee Motors Diecast Cars, Promos, & Brochures

About Us

Russ has been collecting scale model cars, auto literature, and other automobilia for over 50 years. His dad got him started on model car collecting when he bought promos and car kits for him every payday. When Russ got a paper route he added to the collection.

His collections have become a wonderful way of recapturing his excitement every year when the new car lines were introduced in the dealerships.

You might also recall a time when dealership windows were covered right before the unveiling of the next year's models. There was a party atmosphere in the dealerships. Seeing the new cars and picking up the literature at the dealership was exciting and fun.

Russ' wife Marge, AKA Mary Russel is the PR and website manager. 

She is also the published author of two books for 8-12 year olds and two cozy mysteries for young adults and over.

Her books can be purchased at her bookstore.

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